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It all starts with our unique pattern recognition algorithm crunching your existing analytics data, looking for the hidden browsing and shopping patterns on your e-commerce website.

Once we have those behavioral patterns identified, we will segment your customers into several cohorts based on their observed behavior.

Finally, we provide you with recommendations on how to personalize experiences for each customer cohort in order to drive conversions and increase customer loyalty and life-time value.

These recommendations are derived from analyzing every user interaction on your website, taking into account the channels of acquisition, and the customers’ past purchasing habits.

You will receive a series of customized reports to help you understand the customer journey and how it impacts your business objectives.

ecommerce marketing directors receive weekly reports to optimize the customer journey through personalization

Your "Weekly Insights" reports are designed to give you specific detailed recommendations on what to optimize on your website to create personalized experiences for your customers that match their interests and needs.

You will get insights into which user interactions are statistically significant on the customer's path to purchase. You will also learn about the top conversion paths on your website, as well as the bottlenecks to be fixed.

You could start optimizing the customer journey on your e-commerce website in as early as 14 days from today.

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Understand the flow

The more you know, the more you can optimize, and the higher the conversion rate will become. Segment customers based on their behavior and drive strong ROI per each cohort.

Make shopping easier

Your weekly reports will help you discover the hidden patterns in the conversion funnel. You will know exactly what to adjust on the customer's path to purchase.

Empower your team

Share our recommendations with your team. Take advantage of your weekly reports to make data-informed decisions and greatly impact your marketing KPIs.

The only actionable report that helps you drive sales Your weekly reports are built around understanding your customers' shopping and browsing patterns, with the goal of helping you increase revenue. You have total control over what's being reported on each week.

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