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marketing manager thiking about increasing engagement through personalization
  • TODO:
  • Bring customers to our website
  • Install Google Analytics and collect data
  • Set up reporting dashboards
  • Identify browsing & purchasing patterns
  • Segment customers based on their patterns
  • Optimize customer experience per segment

You are driving traffic to your website, and have your KPIs defined for measuring the channels' performance. Based on the results you get, you adjust your strategy to get more bang for your buck. All these activities are focused on the top of the funnel.

And now, you are wondering how to enhance the customer journey, post acquisition, to get more visitors to convert.

marketing manager trying to optimize the customer journey through personalization

You know creating great personalized experiences will grow engagement and ROI, but that seems intimidating and complicated. First off, you need a plan. And the foundation for that plan is a behavioral discovery process to inform your personalization strategy.

Find out how our "Weekly Insights" report guides you through creating amazing data-informed customer experiences while increasing customer loyalty & ROI, step by step, each week.

Understand the flow

The more you know, the more you can optimize, and the higher the conversion rate will be. Segment customers based on their behavior and drive strong ROI per each cohort.

Make shopping easier

Your weekly reports will help you discover the hidden patterns in the conversion funnel. You will know exactly what to adjust on the customer's path to purchase.

Empower your team

Share our recommendations with your team. Take advantage of your weekly reports to make data-informed decisions and greatly impact your marketing KPIs.

The only actionable report that helps you drive sales Your weekly reports are built around understanding your customers' shopping and browsing patterns, with the goal of helping you increase revenue. You have total control over what's being reported on each week.

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